Welcome  to my  website  Reachforthesoul. Now  I'm not a yogi guru, or Metaphysical  writer, but I have benefited  over the years through  meditation and reading spiritual  content. My  soul purpose here, is  in the hope that  If  one person will benefit from reading anything on the site, and feel  they can tackle and master their own hurts and wounds, then my job is done.  this is not a fancy  or profit making site, It's here just to help anyone that want's to take the time to read some of the things I have written. My  life is fuller and richer in spirit, thanks to the wonderful  Metaphysical  writers and teachers  I  learn't  from along the way, and my belief and faith In Jesus Christ. It's not enough just to believe In saint's but to follow and imitate their work and deeds, only In practice can we find the peace and truth we long for. Please  don't keep the hurts  wounds and blocks  within your heart, learn how to feel the pain, and gain freedom through forgiveness. Love is real, and everything else  the IIlusion!

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