"Nicole is amazing !

She's warm, compassionate, & super focused. I had all the kinds of excuses & self-imposed limitations keeping me from taking action. She helped me uncover & move past those limitations. Most important, I left my coaching session with an action plan that she held me accountable to.

There's something powerful about moving past your own blocks & doing something you had convinced yourself you couldn't. Not only did Nicole help me see that I had something of value to offer, following through on the action plan helped create momentum for continued progress.

Nicole is a great coach. If you're not sure what your next step is, she'll help you figure it out and hold you accountable to your own greatness."

 - Kimberlee Morrison

"For many years I have battled an anxiety disorder, often feeling lost and alone. The only person in this world who I feel has ever truly understood me is Nicole. She has always taken a calm, realistic approach in helping me find insight into my struggles. She has assisted me in gaining strength to where I can then find myself again. Thank you Nicole. Without you, I honestly do not know where I would be."

  - Sarah Turner

"Nicole is very focused and sincere and encourages you to be the best you, you can be. She is a true mentor and example of how to Follow Your Dreams, Except Change,  

Move Forward , & Never Give Up !

She is very kind, supportive, positive, reliable, generous and knowledgeable.  

We would highly recommend her as a Life Coach !"

   - Brian & Jeannine

"Progressive Accountability would be how I would describe Nicole's coaching style. She provides support and guidance that has allowed me to achieve my goals and push the bar higher then I ever knew was possible before. I would highly recommend and fully endorse Nicole to be your life coach."

  - Jeremy Lyon 

"Here's what I know about Nicole and her coaching style. Nicole has an amazing heart, and she only wants to see you grow. Because of her big heart, she has a very gentle, but assertive​ way to keep you focused and moving forward. 

It's with great pleasure that I recommend Nicole as your Life Coach."

​ - Mina Marx

Reach for the Soul

"Because I had a tedndency to procrastinate & over think things, I knew I required someone that would help me move forward to start the process & implement my ideas into reality. When I had the opportunity to visit Nicole in Arizona, she helped me out of being a procrastinator, into being active through productive planning (thanks for my idea notebook) & action. 

She has a special way of challenging & giving me a firm, but gentle nudge to get a clearer view in moving forward. I have come to understand that focusing on daily tasks & life organization are important in order to bring vision into form. 

Nicole's amazing friendship, insight, listening skill, wisdom & persona life coaching have helped direction me on the right path. She embodies one of those rare individuals who not only have the ability to challenge you mentally, spiritually, emotionally & creatively, but also the kind of personality that leaves you feeling positive & hopeful about the future.

Nicole, you are the most generous & caring human being I have had the pleasure to know  and work with."

​   - Pinky 

"I highly recommend Nicole, she is a very spiritual, intuitive, and down to earth person. She coaches with compassion and grace. What sets Nicole apart from most coaches is not only skill and knowledge, but she coaches from her own life experiences that resonates a genuine approach that comes truly from the heart. 

  - Valerie Schenck